Michigan Streetcar Takeover Recap | June 2021

The Street Car Takeover event wrapped up this past weekend at Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan. Unlike top speed  events, the Street Car Takeover is a local competition that allows car enthusiasts to do some real racing, see some awesome cars and have a great time.

The main events at the Street Car Takeover are drag and roll racing. The drag event involves two cars starting from a dead stop to see which vehicle can cross the finish line first. The roll event features two cars that start from approximately 40 mph and then race to the finish. These competitions involve all kinds of vehicles, from SUVs to high performance cars.  

streetcar takeover

How CT Performance Did This Time Around

The Street Car Takeover is mostly for fun BUT there are cash prizes involved —and maybe bragging rights. This time around, CT Performance didn't bring home any 1st place finishes, but we came close!

Even though we don’t have any new trophies to place on our mantle, we did have some notable achievements. Taylor Carey advanced in the 130-mph class in her first ever roll racing event. Justin Van Buren and CG Lantis outpaced a slew of competitors with their rivaling red G8s in the 140-mph class. Justin Clark rode his velocity-yellow ZR1 all the way to the finals in the 150-mph class in his first racing event ever. Finally, Troy Wells did an awesome job driving his Dad’s TT Z06 in his very first event - at the age of 16! Congratulations to all CT competitors!

Next time around, the CT crew will set their sights on taking home some wins. For competitions like the Street Car Takeover, though, the real prize is getting to spend some quality time with our fantastic customers doing what we love—going really fast. 

Come Join the CT Crew at Upcoming Events

In the upcoming months, CT Performance will be attending several events. If you have ever wanted to experience the thrill of watching high-speed competitions, or if you are considering entering your vehicle in some exciting races, then these competitions are the perfect opportunity for you.

Traveling with the CT crew will give you the support you need to race at the highest levels. We offer our customers mechanical and technical assistance when they enter competitions. When it comes to high-performance competitions, it pays to travel with a crew on which you can rely. To help you prepare for upcoming events, here is a look at the event calendar for CT Performance.

ECTA Mile. In October of 2021, CT Performance will be traveling down to Arkansas to compete in the ECTA mile. We’ve entered these events before, and CT is proud to hold several records for various ECTA competitions. The ECTA is a high-stakes, top-speed event.

The track is set up on an airport runway, and the goal is to go as fast as you can in the shortest time possible. For anyone looking to push their car to the limit, this competition gets national attention and is the perfect place to really test your vehicle.

Street Car Takeover. Similar to the event that CT just returned from, the Street Car Takeover will be taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, in July of 2021. For anyone who wants to watch some races, or if you’re looking to take your vehicle, we invite you to join us as we make the trip. The Street Car Takeover is the perfect low-stakes event to test your vehicle in.