April 2021 ECTA Mile Recap

fastest car shop 2021 trophy from the ECTA Mile

Last week, CT Performance set out for Arkansas for the ECTA mile event. We spent several days watching races, going fast, and hanging out with some awesome people. We told you last month that we had some big ambitions for this competition, so here is a look at some of our accomplishments.

Notable Performances

CT Performance had a terrific turn out at this year’s ECTA mile, and we had numerous CT cars that were entered into a variety of events. In the 2km event, CG Lantis was able to get his G8 to 209 mph. CG’s G8 sedan may look unassuming, but it sure turned heads on the track.

Bruce Warren set out to push his CTS-V sedan in the 1-mile event and hit 208 mph. The hunt for the CTS-V record is still very much alive, and with a blistering pace like that, it won’t be long before it’s in the bag.

Congratulations to Brian Mason whose C7 Z06 also went 209 mph in the 2km event and edged out the G8 by only .64 mph to claim the Fastest Streetcar award for the event.

Last month, we told you that we were aiming for the half-mile record for the supercharged ZR1. Unfortunately, we were plagued with mechanical issues on some of our runs, but we were still able to achieve a speed of 205 mph for the 1-mile event and 217 mph for the 2km on motor. The hunt for the half-mile record continues, but we are convinced that we can do it.

CT Performance Debuts

CT Performance brought eight vehicles down to Arkansas to test their limits, including Nick Hennes, who pushed his Camaro to 185 mph. We were also fortunate enough to have some rookies make their debuts, including: 

  • Jeremey Stanke getting about as close to 200 mph as possible, clocking in a 199.424 mph 2km in his C6 Corvette
  • Roueven Muell notching a PR with a 175.370 mph 1-mile run
  • Jen Wells raced her 2014 GT500 Shelby Mustang to 162 mph
  • 16-year old Troy Wells jumped in the driver’s seat and hit 156 mph in his debut

Fastest Car Shop Award

In addition to these runs, other cars from CT had some outstanding overall performances. Based on the event results from CT Performance, we were given the Fastest Car Shop Award which we were incredibly happy to receive. Special thank you to everyone who came out to represent CT Performance on the track and made this award possible.

Come Join Us Next Time

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who came out to help make this event so enjoyable. Special thanks to Rebecca Dunne for feeding everybody! For anyone who couldn’t make it out for the event, there is another ECTA mile event coming up in October. We would love to see some more people make it out next time and be a part of the experience.

We’ll be back here in a few months to have a great time, and—hopefully—break some of the records we missed this time around. I hope you’ll think about joining us next time. You won’t regret it!