Pontiac G8 (2008 - 2009)

The Pontiac G8 is the understated muscle sedan of the 2000s.  It came in 6.0L (LS2) and 6.2L (LS3) variants - each of which is a great foundation for adding more power.

Whether it's simple bolt-ons to give your G8 some more kick or if you're looking at setting some 1/2 mile records we can help you design a performance setup to meet your power goals.

Speaking of 1/2 mile records, a CT Performance car holds the current 1/2 mile G8 record of 180.124MPH with CG Lantis' Torch Red G8 monster.

Customers purchasing any stage in our performance ladder receive a custom built tune for your specific setup - street tested for drivability and verified for power both before and after our modifications.