Transmission on the Jet Stream Blue Corvettes Part 2

The 6XD Sequential Transmission

We already outlined some of the cutting-edge features of the 6XD dogbox, sequential transmission—such as the performance edge of a sequential transmissions or the advantages of the 6XD’s modular design—in a previous post. Now we are ready to zoom in and look at some of the other design elements that make the 6XD transmission so innovative.


A.R.E. Dry-Sump System

The 6XD features an external dry-sump system from Armstrong Race Engineering. The external pump allows users to check their sump system without having to disassemble the entire gearbox. In high-performance racing, parts often break due to the high levels of strain that they endure.

If users want to inspect their systems at the track, the A.R.E. dry-sump system can be detached from the transmission by simply removing four screws. This sump system also features an external hose that allows for coolers to be easily installed.

Neutral Lock-Out Button and Adjustable Shifter

The 6XD transmission also features a neutral lock-out button that prevents drivers from downshifting into neutral without engaging the lock-out button located on the top of the shifter. The benefit of this feature is that it prevents drivers from accidentally downshifting into neutral.

The shifter for the 6XD can be easily adjusted by loosening the four screws that hold it in place. The shifter can then be turned in any direction to fit a driver’s preferred configuration.

All-Aluminum Case Construction

Standard transmissions that are constructed using a solid caste are at a disadvantage in high-performance racing. Inevitably, something will break on a transmission. For solid caste transmissions, this means that even if a relatively minor part fails, the whole unit might have to be replaced or retooled because it is one integral part.

Conversely, the 6XD features a lighter aluminum case that has been machined from billets and assembled with modular parts instead of as a single unit. This means that the 6XD is more precisely constructed, but the modular design of the 6XD makes replacing parts easier.

Customizable, Cost Effective, and Easy to Maintain

The 6XD gearbox from RTS was ultimately selected by Ct Performance for The Jet Stream Blue Twins build because it delivers the high performance edge that we wanted these roll car racers to have. In addition to high performance, though, we also wanted these cars to be easy and cost effective to maintain. The 6XD’s modular construction allows users to easily replace parts if something breaks.

This transmission design also gives users the option to add after-market features—such as a cooler—to the unit. All in all, using the 6XD sequential gearbox makes these cars more competitive on the track, easier to repair, and cheaper to maintain.