The ECTA Mile Event Preview


At the end of April, CT Performance will head down to Arkansas for the ECTA mile. The ECTA mile—or Arkansas mile—is a top-speed event that lets drivers push their vehicles to the max in a range of competitions. The track for these events is set up on an airport runway, which means drivers will have all the room they need to see what their cars can really do.

Cars built by CT Performance are designed to compete at the highest levels of racing. Currently, CT Performance holds the 1-mile record for the fastest supercharged ZR1. This year, we’ll be trying to break the half-mile record for this car. The half-mile record for a supercharged ZR1 is 198.32 mph. We think our ZR1 is capable of topping that speed.  Additionally, CT holds the G8 and CTS-V 1/2 mile records and will be aiming for the CTS-V 1-mile record on this trip as well (which sits at 216mph).

Other customers with CT builds will join us for this event too. Cars built by CT Performance hold records in several categories, and we’re always looking to set the bar higher. In addition to competing, the CT Performance crew travels to these events to help our clients achieve the goals they set for their cars.

At high-speed events like this, cars are pushed to the limit. Sometimes drivers run into mechanical issues along the way. Traveling with our clients to events like this allows us to coach them and provide assistance with any repairs while they compete in events. If you’ve always wanted to participate in a competition like this, it’s better to travel with a team that’s ready to support you in achieving your goals.

Join Us for This Exciting Experience 

For anyone who has built a car with CT Performance, this trip is the perfect opportunity to see what your car is capable of in a competitive environment. Even if you aren’t sure about bringing a car to compete with, this trip is going to be a blast. Join us at the end of this month to watch some top-speed races, see some amazing vehicles, and have a great time.

After the Arkansas event, we’ll break down the results of the competitions. You’ll be able to see highlight reels, go-pro footage from inside the cars, and statistics that outline how our cars performed. Be on the lookout for future blog posts with all the exciting details.