Streetcar Takeover Preview

streetcar takeover michigan


The Street Car Takeover event is coming to town next month and CT Performance will be showing up to participate in the competition. This event will be taking place at Motorsports Park in Martin Michigan and it’s a great opportunity to watch or take part in some high-speed events.

For anyone who has never been to a racing event, this local competition is a great opportunity to come out and have a great time watching fast cars compete against each other for bragging rights. Here is a closer look at the Street Car Takeover and what CT Performance hopes to accomplish there.

How the Street Car Takeover Differs from Top Speed Events

Last month, CT participated in the ECTA mile which was a top-speed event. By contrast, the Street Car Takeover is a direct competition event which means that cars will be competing against each other side by side. The atmosphere in a side-by-side racing event is high-energy and lots of fun.

Drag and Roll Racing

The Steer Car Takeover event features two main competitions that CT Performance cars will be participating in: a drag event and a roll event. The drag competition involves two cars taking off from a dead stop to see who can cross the finish line first.

The other event that CT cars will be participating in is the roll event which features two cars sprinting from an approximate 40 mph starting point to the finish line. The drag and roll competitions feature a range of events for various vehicles including street cars, daily drivers, trucks, and SUVs. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the winners in each event category.

Our Goals for This Event

The last event that CT participated in—the ECTA mile event—was a nationally recognized event. Our goal for that event was to set the fastest time for each individual car. The Street Car Takeover is purely a direct competition event where the objective is to beat out the other drivers, put on a good showing for our brand and to have a good time doing it. Because this is a local event, it’s also a great opportunity to show the community what CT Performance vehicles can do.

Join CT Performance Crew for a Great Time

If you’ve never been to a racing event before, this local competition is the perfect opportunity to come out and have an awesome time with the CT Performance crew. We are looking forward to this event, and we hope you can come out and join us.  

For more information regarding the Street Car Takeover or future events that CT Performance will be attending, check out our events calendar.