New Facility for CT Performance

CT performance is excited to announce that we will soon be relocating our operations to a brand-new facility in Stockbridge, Michigan. After months of construction and planning, we are now reaching a point in the project where the end is in sight. We have invested considerable time and resources into this move and are confident that this expanded facility will enable us to serve our clients better and maximize our performance output. 

For the next month or two, our focus will be on migrating our services to the new facility. Once we get situated, our long-term goal is to be the one-stop-shop for all your performance needs. To help you see why we’re so pumped about this move, here is a look at the positive impacts we hope this change will have on our operations.  

Faster Service

facility exterior

The future home of CT Performance is a newly rebuilt 12,500 square-foot facility situated on 5 acres of land. This space is much larger than our current location (which happens to be a residential garage). As such, it will increase our ability to provide our clients with convenient and expedient service. A larger space will allow us to service a higher volume of clients, which means we’ll be able to complete performance upgrades and repairs for more vehicles in a shorter amount of time. 

facility driveway exterior

Broader Range of Service

Not only will this move allow us to provide faster service for our customers, but we will now be able to offer a broader range of services as well. Our new facility will enable us to add tire mounting, balancing, and alignment to our operations.

new facility interior

Additionally, a larger space provides us with the resources to perform in-house machining and part manufacturing. One new piece of equipment that CT Performance is investing in is a 5-axis CNC machine.

With a new CNC machine, we will now have the ability to manufacture performance components in house which significantly reduces costs related to machine outsourcing.  These new services maximize our ability to provide the best performance upgrades for our clients all in one new location.

Looking to the Future

As we begin to set up shop in our new facility, we’ll keep you posted with updates related to the move. Be on the lookout for a grand opening announcement sometime this summer. The team at CT Performance is so excited to offer a more robust service experience—as well as a whole new line of performance upgrades—to our awesome customers.

If you’re thinking about bringing your car in for upgrades, CT Performance has the expertise you need to push your car to the limit, and with our new facility, we can help you take your build farther than ever. Contact our service team today and schedule your build