Indiana Streetcar Takeover Preview | July 2021

Later this month, the CT Performance team will set off for another Street Car Takeover event in Indianapolis. The Indiana Street Car Takeover will take place on July 22-24 at Lucas Oil Raceway. The CT crew will be going to compete in several of the events as well as offer support for all of our customers who will be showing up to race.


If you’ve never attended a racing event before, the Street Car Takeover is a great opportunity to come out and have a great time watching some high-performance vehicles go toe to toe. To help you decide if this event is something you’d like to attend, here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the Street Car Takeover and what Ct Performance aims to accomplish there.

How the Street Car Takeover Differs from Other Events

The Street Car Takeover is a unique racing event that features head to head competitions. Unlike other events we attend (like the ECTA Mile events), the Streetcar Takeover is a direct racing competition -- pitting driver vs. driver in a side-by-side, real-time competition, as opposed to a time-based event with a single driver on the track. 

Overview of Street Car Takeover Competitions

The Steer Car Takeover event features two main competitions that CT Performance cars will be participating in: a drag event and a roll event. The drag competition involves two cars taking off from a dead stop to see who can cross the finish line first.

The other event that CT cars will be participating in is the roll event which features two cars sprinting from an approximate 40 mph starting point to the finish line. The drag and roll competitions feature a range of events for various vehicles including street cars, daily drivers, trucks, and SUVs. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the winners in each event category.

Our Goals for This Event

For the Street Car Takeover, our primary goal is to put on a good showing for our brand by outpacing other cars and bringing home as many blue ribbons as we can. The Street Car Takeover over is more of a local event, which means we’re competing for bragging rights. Beyond that, this event is a great opportunity for us to support our customers as they show up to race.

Join CT Performance Crew for a Great Time

If you’ve never been to a racing event before, the Street Car Takeover is your chance to come out and see what high-performance racing is all about. This event is also a great chance for anyone who has been thinking about entering their vehicle in a competition. We hope you decide to join us next week as we set out for Indianapolis.

For more information regarding the Street Car Takeover or future events that CT Performance will be attending, check out our events calendar.