CT Performance Sponsors 2022 Women and Wheels Season

The Ladies of Women & Wheels

As you may already know, Women & wheels is an automobile and motorsport racing organization for women, and this group has managed to showcase the talented female drivers, which have consistently gone under the radar, in a series of racing and similar events. This important work has relied on sponsorships in the past, and CT Performance is proud to have been part of that assistance in some capacity during 2021 and we are happy to say that our continued support will go forward into the next year.

CTS-V Women and Wheels

For the year 2022, Women & Wheels is ambitiously going forward and stepping up their game as they seek to participate in every Street Car Takeover event, and bring a Woman’s Class, which is being converted into a point series, to every instance. That means that every racer that participates in three Street Car Takeover point series events will be placed into the run for a jackpot. Additionally, these events will stay true to Women & Wheels’ mission to bring more recognition to all women in the competitive racing scene.

Kvanburen_g8 at Women and Wheels.

This means that the Women’s Class will have 18 events, correlating with the number of Street Car Takeover events in 2022, a big leap from the ten events that Women & Wheels participated in in 2021. These events should start in Bradenton, Florida at Bradenton Motorsports Park on February 4th, and finally conclude in Phoenix, Arizona at the WHP on November 5th.

Women and Wheels event

Furthermore, aside from the new point series for the Women’s Class series, the event will remain true to its origins and have both professionals and beginners play an important role. The new point system will be implemented for the more competitive participants and will not affect how the Women’s Class is run. In the spirit of this, Women & Wheels will also give away the Novice of the Year award to a promising individual that is new to the drag racing scene.


CT Performance is happy to become one of the sponsors for the biggest Women’s Class up to date. "A few of our female racers took part in some of the 2021 Women and Wheels events and had a great time,” Chris Wells, CEO of CT Performance, spoke regarding the sponsorship, and then went on to explain his thoughts on Women & Wheels’ mission, “It's so great to be part of an organization focused on elevating women in the sport of competitive drag racing.”