CNC Head Porting from CT Performance

CT Performance is happy to announce that we will be unveiling our brand-new 5-axis CNC machine with the launch of our new facility later this year. A CNC machine—or Computer Numerical Control machine—is a pivotal step for the CT crew because it will allow us to tool and machine parts in house. This will mean a faster turnaround and lower costs when implementing certain repairs or upgrades for our customers.


Our new Centroid CNC machine will also allow us to perform head polishing and porting. The ability to customize heads from the comfort of our own shop is a service that we are excited to offer to our clients. To help you understand how head porting can take your vehicle to the next level, here is an overview of CNC head porting.

What is LS Head Porting?

Head porting is all about airflow. The intake and exhaust ports on your car’s engine are called cylinder heads. For everyday driving, the gauge of these heads works fine. However, if you want to race your car, you’re going to want to retool your heads to maximize your engine’s airflow.

Head porting involves widening the gauge of your car’s cylinder heads in order to allow more air to flow into the engine. Expanding the cylinder heads on your car can offer a serious boost in horsepower and overall performance.

How Much Horsepower is Gained from Porting Heads?

Porting the heads on your engine will definitely improve the overall performance of your vehicle. However, to maximize the added horsepower from a head porting job, it is typically recommended that you upgrade your camshaft as well. These two upgrades are so intricately linked to one another that they are often referred to as one job—a heads/cam job.

This is because the camshaft affects the airflow of your car’s engine. Specifically, the cam controls the opening and closing of your engine’s valves. If you spend the money to widen your engine’s intake, but you don’t modify the camshaft, you might minimize the efficacy of a head porting upgrade.

How Does CNC LS Head Porting Work?

Even though head porting is conceptually simple, the actual work requires absolute precision. Getting the exact measurements, dimensions, and texture of your car’s cylinder heads right is difficult and time consuming if done by hand.

A CNC machine allows users to input the desired retooling specifications for a head porting job into the machine’s computer. The head porting job is then carried out automatically by the CNC machine in less time and with incredible precision. To get the maximum airflow out of your car’s cylinder head, CNC head porting is ideal.

What Kind of Heads Can Be Ported?

The LS engine—or luxury sport engine—is the engine used in many high-performance GM vehicles. An LS head refers to the intake port of a LS engine. Depending on the vehicle, LS heads can come in several shapes and sizes. Cathedral, square, and rectangle are all examples of LS head shapes that can be ported out using a CNC machine.

In order to maximize the airflow of your cylinder heads, it is crucial to take your vehicle to a design team that knows exactly how to implement modifications. The team at CT Performance knows everything there is to know about LS engines. Regardless of the cylinder heads used on your engine, we can help you get the most out of them.  

Ready for Your LS Head Port?

With the launch of our new facility, CT Performance will be able to offer head porting upgrades to our customers. If you are considering upgrading your car’s intake, then contact the crew at CT Performance and get a consultation. Our team has the experience it takes to know how to implement head upgrades on your vehicle in order to get the most performance out of every aftermarket addition.

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