A Transmission Breakdown of the Jet Stream Blue Twins Build


The Jet Stream Blue Twins is an exciting and ongoing build from CT Performance. This build aims to take a matching set of C6 Corvettes—one C6 Z06 and one C6 ZR1—and make two of the highest horsepower street and roll race cars that CT Performance can build (for the moment, at least). One differential aspect of the Jet Stream Blue Twins project is that the ZR1 will retain it’s supercharged heritage while the Z06 will get its induction forced via a set of turbos.

Other than one car being supercharged and the other turbo, these two cars will share the same cutting-edge features. Each corvette will be overhauled to incorporate a new motor, drivetrain, transmission, and supporting mods—giving these two cars the perfect combination of streetcar and roll car racing design features.

To help you fully understand how next level the Jet Stream Twins are, it is worth exploring each aftermarket component of these cars. One fascinating feature of the build is that both cars will feature a 6XD 6-speed sequential transmission.

The RTS 6XD Sequential Transmission

The 6XD is a 6-speed sequential racing dogbox transmission from Race Tech Services that features a GEN 2 Swivel shifter setback and a modular construction. A sequential gearbox is different from a traditional transmission that incorporates h-pattern or vertical-gauge shifting. The clutch-less 6XD can move through all six gears without the driver having to lift their foot off the acceleration with a simple pull.

For high-performance racing, clutchless shifting shaves off time by allowing the driver to keep the throttle fully engaged even while shifting. Shaving off milliseconds with a sequential shifter gives the Jet Stream Blue Twins an edge over other high-performance racers.

Modular Construction

One of the most innovative aspects of the 6XD’s construction is that it features a modular design that incorporates separate gears, dog plates, and shift barrels. Other racing transmissions manufacture their gearboxes with few replaceable parts. This means that if you break a gear or wear out the dogs on a gear, you might have to replace the whole part, which can be expensive.

The 6XD is manufactured with replaceable gear, dog plates, and shafts that are much cheaper and easier to install than other gearboxes. In high-performance racing, parts will eventually wear out. Using the 6XD sequential gearbox not only gives the Jet Stream Blue Corvettes a competitive advantage due to more seamless shifting, but it gives these cars a mechanical advantage as well.

Learn More About the Exciting Features of Jet Stream Blue Twins

These revolutionary builds from CT Performance incorporate many design features that we will continue to explore in our future blog posts. Stay tuned for upcoming breakdowns that will show you the inner workings of the best street and roll car racers on the market today.