A Guide to Performance Upgrades for the Trailblazer SS

The first generation of Chevrolet Trailblazers were midsize SUVs that were produced from 2001 to 2008. In 2009, Chevy replaced the Trailblazer with the smaller Traverse crossover SUV. In 2011 though, Chevy brought the Trailblazer back with a newly redesigned body that was more streamlined than the first generation.

After the first generation of trailblazers had been in production for five years, Chevy announced that an SS—Super Sport—iteration of the Trailblazer would be released in 2006. The Trailblazer SS cranked up the power, handling, and overall aesthetics of the standard Trailblazer to produce a high-performance SUV that is —according to MotorTrend—fun to drive but still able to haul stuff.

Chevy marketed the SS as an SUV with a corvette engine that would be an exhilarating ride, whether used as a commuter vehicle or on the drag strip. The balance between fun and functional seems to appeal to many motorists as the Trailblazer SS is still popular among automotive enthusiasts today.  

In some ways, the Trailblazer SS was ahead of its time. It was the muscle SUV before high-performance SUVs had achieved mainstream appeal. The Trailblazer SS is a popular candidate for aftermarket upgrades. The LS2 engine can be coupled with anything from bolt-on performance upgrades to a heads cam job to make for an exciting vehicle.

CT Performance has done a variety of Trailblazer SS builds that incorporate a slew of aftermarket additions. To help you decide what upgrades are right for your SS, here is a look at the design specs for the Trailblazer SS and a breakdown of the upgrades available from CT Performance.

Design Specs for the Trailblazer SS

The Trailblazer SS features a 6.0L LS2 V8 engine—the same engine used in the 2005 C6 Corvette. This engine puts out 395 horsepower and 400 pounds per foot of torque. The SS incorporates a more restrictive exhaust than the C6 and a taller intake manifold to compensate for the heavier chassis. The suspension system on the Trailblazer added an air-leveling system that improved the handling compared to the standard Trailblazer.

Performance Upgrades for the Trailblazer SS

Bolt On. For naturally aspirated—not supercharged or turbocharged—vehicles like the Trailblazer SS, the first line of upgrades to consider would be bolt-on upgrades. If you’ve never done any performance upgrades on your car, bolt-on modifications such as a cold-air intake, headers, x pipes, and mufflers can add power and performance to your vehicles.

Depending on the result you’re looking to achieve for your SS, you could do one or all these modifications. For the best results, you should consider your goals for your build and consult a CT Performance expert who can help you make your build a reality.

Tuning. In addition to bolt-on upgrades, you should consider getting a tune for your SS. A tune involves accessing a car’s computer in order to optimize it for performance. In addition to optimization, CT will perform a dynamometer test that shows you exactly how a tuning improved your car’s horsepower and output.

For general modifications like bolt-on upgrades, it’s recommended that you get a tune to see what impact your upgrades had. Besides a computerized optimization, a tuning also entails street driving the car to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Heads and Cam Install. If you’re looking to take your SS to the next level of performance, then you should consider retooling the heads of your vehicles. By porting and polishing your vehicle’s heads, you can optimize the air intake of your motor and push your car to its maximum performance capability.

A cam controls the valves on the head, so modifying the cams should be considered whenever upgrading the heads of your car. When you opt for a heads and cam job at CT Performance, part of what you’ll get is a customized cam to fit your vehicle’s performance goals.

The Height of Possibility

The Stock 6.0L LS2 engine featured on the Trailblazer SS is something that is very familiar to the CT crew. Whether you are looking to add a little bit of speed to your Trailblazer or you want to go all out on a build and make a monster SUV, CT can help you make your dream build a reality. The most extensive Trailblazer build that CT Performance has undertaken to date was an 800WHP AWD 2007 TBSS that never fails to turn heads any time it rolls by.

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The crew at CT Performance has the knowledge and experience to bring your build to life. Whether you’re looking to construct a car that can perform at the highest levels, or you want to implement a few upgrades, the team at CT can help you achieve your ambitions. For more information or to schedule a build, contact our offices today.