A Guide to Performance Upgrades for the Chevy SS

The Chevrolet SS is one of the final iterations of a lineage of cars that goes back to the Australian-made Holden Commodore. The Holden VE Commodore was designed as a sport sedan that incorporated a more powerful engine than other cars in its class. Internationally, other versions of the Commodore were released around the world.

Chevy SS Sedan

The Pontiac G8 was the initial American version of the Commodore, but the G8 was discontinued after only two years of production. To fill the void left by the G8, General Motors announced the Chevrolet SS which was released in 2014 and ended production in 2017.

The Chevy SS was one of the final cars manufactured in GM’s Zeta class which featured rear-wheel drive vehicles with independent suspension systems and a V6 or V8 engine. According to Motor Authority, The Chevy SS managed to stay under people’s radar for a long time. Perhaps because of its multi-class design, the demand for the SS fell short of expectations when it went to market in 2014.

Whatever its initial popularity though, the Chevy SS is a great combination of power and comfort. The SS is also a popular car for after-market modifications. If you’re looking to make some changes to your vehicle, CT Performance specializes in performance upgrades for the Chevy SS. Here is a closer look at the base-model design specifications of the Chevy SS and an outline of the performance upgrades that CT can implement to take your car to the next level.

The Chevy SS Design Specs

The Chevrolet SS features an LS3 6.2L V8 engine that puts out 415 horsepower and is the same engine used in the C6 corvette. The SS was initially only manufactured with an automatic transmission that featured optional paddle shifters on the steering wheel but later models featured manual transmission.

Even though the SS weighs around 4000 pounds, it still has enough power output to go 0 to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds. The SS also features a redesigned dashboard as compared to previous Zeta vehicles and a modified heads-up display. Additionally, the active blind-spot monitoring and modified front rails gave the SS a higher safety rating than the G8 or the Commodore.

Performance Upgrades for the Chevy SS

Bolt On. For naturally aspirated—not supercharged or turbo charged—vehicles like the Chevy SS, the first line of upgrades to consider would be bolt-on upgrades. If you’ve never done any performance upgrades on your car, bolt-on modifications such as a cold-air intake, headers, x pipes, and mufflers can add power and performance to your vehicles.

Depending on the result you’re looking to achieve for your SS, you could do one or all these modifications. For the best results, you should consider what your goals are for your build and consult a CT Performance expert who can help you make your build a reality.

Tuning. In addition to bolt-on upgrades, you should consider getting a tune for your SS. A tune involves accessing a car’s computer in order to optimize it for performance. In addition to optimization, CT will perform a dynamometer test that shows you exactly how a tuning improved your car’s horsepower and output.

For general modifications like bolt-on upgrades, it’s recommended that you get a tune so that you can see what impact your upgrades had. Besides a computerized optimization, a tuning also entails street driving the car to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Heads and Cam Install. If you’re looking to take your SS to the next level of performance, then you should consider retooling the heads of your vehicles. By porting and polishing your vehicle’s heads, you can optimize the air intake of your motor and push your car to its maximum performance capability.

A cam is what controls the valves on the head, so modifying the cams should be considered whenever upgrading the heads of your car. When you opt for a heads and cam job at CT Performance, part of what you’ll get is a cam that is customized to fit your performance goals for your vehicle.

The Height of Possibility

The Chevy SS is an ideal vehicle for after-market performance upgrades. The CT Performance build team has taken on SS projects of all kinds ranging from forced induction upgrades to installing an updated power plant. If you’re looking to push your SS to its maximum capability, CT Performance can help you accomplish your design goals.  

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